In a recent security incident report released by 1Password, it has been revealed that the company’s Okta environment was breached by an unknown threat actor with administrative privileges. The breach, which was initially discovered on September 29, 2023, raised concerns about potential data compromise and unauthorized access within the system.

According to the report, the breach was initiated when a member of the IT team received an unexpected email notification suggesting the initiation of an Okta report containing a list of administrators. Further investigations uncovered suspicious activity originating from an unrecognized IP address, confirming the unauthorized access by the threat actor.

The incident appears to be linked to a known campaign where cybercriminals compromise super admin accounts and manipulate authentication flows to establish a secondary identity provider, enabling them to impersonate users within the affected organization. Fortunately, there is no evidence to suggest that the actor gained access to any systems outside of Okta. However, the nature of the intrusion implies an attempt to gather information for a potentially more sophisticated and targeted attack.

The technical analysis revealed that the actor attempted various unauthorized actions within the Okta administrative portal, including an unsuccessful attempt to access the IT team member’s user dashboard and the update of an existing IDP tied to the production Google environment. While the intruder’s actions were blocked by Okta for the most part, there were additional unauthorized activities that did not leave a trace in the system logs.

Further investigations have indicated that the breach might have been facilitated by the hijacking of a user’s session, which was made possible through the compromised HAR file containing sensitive information, including session cookies. This finding has raised concerns about the vulnerability of user data within the system, as the HAR file was created and uploaded via a potentially insecure hotel-provided WiFi network.

In response to the breach, 1Password has implemented several immediate security measures, including the rotation of all affected credentials, the implementation of stricter MFA protocols, and the reduction of the number of super administrators. Additionally, the company has updated its security alerts to reduce the time to detect similar events in the future.

Despite the company’s prompt response and mitigation efforts, the incident underscores the need for enhanced security measures within the organization and highlights the ongoing threats posed by sophisticated cyberattacks. 1Password has assured its users that it is actively working to reinforce its security infrastructure and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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